Difference between an Equalist and a Feminist

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What is the use of feminism to me if I’m an Equalist since childhood and have treated men and women equally?

My answer:

There’s a huge confusion regarding this and I’m going to strive and clear up the confusion in the following discussion:

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Feminist Literature Review – The Mirage of Love

The other day I was looking for a quick read and I stumbled upon The Mirage of Love by Lady Diana. This is hundred and sixteen page novella with very sturdy shades of feminism and an amazing, strong woman protagonist.

It follows a married woman – I don’t think she has been named in the book – who is surviving a loveless four year old love-marriage, so to speak, with the husband not even remotely interested in the woman anymore. The in-laws treat the woman like the majority of Indian in-laws – subject the daughter-in-law to a plethora of household chores, reducing her life to mere servile existence devoid of any respect, love, desire or ambition.

In an attempt to find meaning in life and to fulfill a long lost aspiration, she turns to her studies and there at the university she finds her teacher and mentor who she eventually ends up falling in love with.

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Deja Vu: The story of most girls in India

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Have any of you girls been suppressed from pursuing your dreams because your a girl and did you fight against it?

My Answer:

I’m going to be answering this on behalf of my cousin in the city of Agra, India.

She was 23 then, had just completed her M.B.A. from an okay college in the city and was looking for a job. It had been months that she’d been sitting home hunting for job within her hometown but Agra being a small town had nothing much to offer.

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