Feminist Literature Review – The Mirage of Love

The other day I was looking for a quick read and I stumbled upon The Mirage of Love by Lady Diana. This is hundred and sixteen page novella with very sturdy shades of feminism and an amazing, strong woman protagonist.

It follows a married woman – I don’t think she has been named in the book – who is surviving a loveless four year old love-marriage, so to speak, with the husband not even remotely interested in the woman anymore. The in-laws treat the woman like the majority of Indian in-laws – subject the daughter-in-law to a plethora of household chores, reducing her life to mere servile existence devoid of any respect, love, desire or ambition.

In an attempt to find meaning in life and to fulfill a long lost aspiration, she turns to her studies and there at the university she finds her teacher and mentor who she eventually ends up falling in love with.

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