Why are not all Muslims terrorists but all Pakistanis so in an attack of terror?

Disclaimer: I’m not disrespecting my country or my country’s army. I have the greatest respect for them and their sacrifices. However, I’m a bit confused and I need your help to shape my opinion.

I’m stumped. I don’t know, I’m so confused. I am going to be firing a few questions at the rabid nationalists that have kept me wondering for a few days recently.

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Batman and legends don’t need your help

In The Dark Knight, there’s a scene when a fanboy impersonates batman and tries to fight off thugs, to no avail obviously, and is subdued by the goons before batman comes in and saves him. When batman tells him not to repeat this again, the desperate fanboy whimpers, “we’re trying to help you…” to which a nonchalant batman says, “I don’t need help…”

This pretty much sums the whole Tanmay Bhatt snapchat video saga that’s been hovering on for a couple of weeks now.

The legends in this case – Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar – aren’t really bothered about what some insignificant guy says about them on a snapchat video. They don’t need your help. What needs help is free speech and, sadly, Tanmay Bhatt.

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Difference between an Equalist and a Feminist

This post is my answer to a question asked on Quora.


What is the use of feminism to me if I’m an Equalist since childhood and have treated men and women equally?

My answer:

There’s a huge confusion regarding this and I’m going to strive and clear up the confusion in the following discussion:

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